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Our church buildings are closed during the emergency.  However, the Church is the body of people "militant here on earth", not stone and mortar, and it is very much alive.   Here are some of the things that are happening. 


Firstly, Christians are obliged to pray every day, and a traditional way is to say the Daily Offices. This practice was drawn from the Desert Fathers, developed in the monasteries and continues today as it has for centuries.  Morning Prayer (Common Worship) is said collectively in the benefice by Zoom every weekday at 8.30am and takes about 40 minutes.  Compline is said on Saturdays at 8.30pm.  Anyone can join in these Offices if they have access to a computer. 


The JOIN button above will give you the link that opens straight into the service. You don't need a password.  You will be able to see the written order of service live on the screen, so you don’t need to have books or use the App to participate.  


Every village is prayed for regularly in order during the week.   

  • Monday;         Charing and Little Chart 

  • Tuesday;         Charing Heath and Egerton 

  • Wednesday;   Hothfield 

  • Thursday;        Pluckley 

  • Friday;              Westwell 


You can participate in as many or as few of these Offices as you wish. For example, if you wanted to attend only the Office where your village is given a special focus that would be fine. 


Prayers for individuals are just as important now as at any time.  If you want prayers for yourself or someone in need, all that is required is your/their given name.  It is implied that everyone on the prayer list has asked for their name to go forward.  One should not put someone forward without their agreement.  The nature of the concern or personal circumstance does not need to be transmitted.  No electronic list of names will be made, just as before when churches were open and prayer boards were in regular use.  To add or delete a name from the prayer list contact your church warden or the reader Mark Taylor (840447, evenings, answer phone if not picked up, and the call will be returned). The person will be prayed for in the prayers for their village along with other villagers.