Prayers and Inspirations

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When Jesus Christ was four years old,

The angels brought Him toys of gold,

Which no man ever had bought or sold.

And yet with these He would not play.

He made Him small fowl out of clay,

And blessed them till they flew away.

Jesus Christ, Thou child so wise,

Bless mine hands and fill mine eyes,

And bring my soul to Paradise.

Hilaire Belloc

Prayer for this week

Lord God, Creator of all, source of all being;
>From the beginning you have called us ever deeper into your creation and into your heart.
Open our eyes and our ears this day, we pray; 
That we might see and hear the opportunities you give to each and all of us
To love, to care, and to act as you do,
Through the love of your son, Jesus Christ.

Prayer written by Revd Andrew Sweeney

Wot I says is,

Life ain't much to 'ave,

but it's all we 'ave,

so — 'ave it!

Stick a geranium in yer 'at

an' be 'appy.