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Charing with Little Chart

Saint Mary the Virgin, Little Chart

Swan Lane,  Little Chart,  Ashford,  Kent  TN27 0PT

Little Chart is aptly named – a tiny village with only 234 residents, a single pub, no shops and no school.  But it does have St Mary the Virgin Church built in the early 1950’s to replace the original ancient church which was destroyed by a German V1 flying bomb knocked out of the sky by an RAF fighter in August 1944. The ruins of St Mary’s old church survive.


Although a small village, Little Chart villagers are active, the annual flower show proving particularly popular.


This is where HE Bates came to live and to write.  Pluckley may claim the Darling Buds of May as its own, but the author preferred to remain in Little Chart!


Services in Little Chart (currently in Charing Barn)

The church of St. Mary the Virgin is the home of the Café Church congregation ‘Cornerstone’. 

Weekly services take place on a Sunday at 11am. The services are very informal, the worship being led by a worship band and a team of excellent lay leaders. All are very welcome to attend.

Little Chart is now dependent on Charing; administrative enquiries should be made to Charing churchwardens.

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