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Prayer for this week


Oh merciful God, and full of grace,
as we come into your presence
may we remove,
like outdoor clothes
all pretence, all show,
all arrogance;
may our inner self be revealed,
humble, honest, open
and longing to be changed
by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Worship on line by Videolink

Daily Morning Prayer, benefice services, Cornerstone worship and discussions are all now available. Click on the button below for full instructions — it's not as difficult as you might think!


Turn your daily walk into an act of worship.

For details and reflections

Easter 7, 24 May 2020
Reading,Collect and Sermon
and a hymn you can
sing along to!

Pentecost 2020


Pentecost, being the Birthday of the Church, is full of celebration. Here are some of the services.


A shortened Morning Prayer will be held at the earlier time of 8.30 am by Zoom. 


 It will finish before the 9 o'clock Church of England live broadcast Pentecost Service  that includes a message from Pope Francis, a sermon from Archbishop Justin and contributions from the soon to retire Archbishop Sentamu and several other church leaders from different denominations.  This can be accessed from the Church of England website.

Day of Prayer & Pilgrimage
Everything you need

This Saturday is our Diocesan Day of Prayer & Pilgrimage- which is our Thy Kingdom Come Beacon event will begin on Friday 22 May when we will join our schools, teachers and children at 2:30pm to pray a specially-written prayer together.

Then, beginning at 7pm on Friday 29 May, we'll be encouraging everyone to journey together around their own homes, connecting with God through a pilgrimage using everyday objects. Over four separate hours from 29 – 30 May, videos will be shared from contributors across the whole of the diocese, with people using simple household objects to reflect on God’s love and presence with us. These videos will be premiered on Youtube and Facebook so that people can all join the pilgrimage at the same time, wherever they are:

  • Friday 29 May: 7pm-8pm (Items needed: phone charger, book, bedside lamp and toothbrush)

  • Saturday 30 May: 9am–10am (Items needed: morning drink, soap, phone and socks)

  • Saturday 30 May: 12pm-1pm (Items needed: dinner plate, cushion, photo frame and plant) 

  • Saturday 30 May: 3pm-4pm (Items needed: TV, clock and cake)

  • Saturday 30 May:   3.45pm – a short act of worship led by Bishop Rose. 

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