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Hi  from Rev Richard,


  Are you a Saint?  What is a Saint?   A general definition of a “Saint” is “A very Special person”. Often recognised by a “special” day in the calendar.

There are many  Saints Days  in October.   18th  and 12th   being just two of them.


      One of my favourite books in The Bible is St Luke's Gospel.   Yes one of the two saints I was thinking about   His feast day is the 18th  He was probably born in Antioch, a Greek, a Gentile. Paul refers to him as “our beloved Luke, the physician”  (Col. 4;14)  So a companion of Paul, a physician  and maybe an artist as well. He died aged 84 in Greece.  His Gospel has been called the “Loveliest book in The Bible” and  “the best life of Christ” ever written.


       He begins his Gospel;   “Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us,  just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. With this in mind, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, I too decided to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.”


…....Luke's introduction is unique in the first three gospels because it is the only place where the author uses the pronoun "I." …...It is as if Luke said to himself, "I am writing the greatest story in the world and nothing but the best is good enough for it." Some of the ancient manuscripts are very beautiful productions, written in silver ink on purple vellum; and often the scribe, when he came to the name of God or of Jesus, wrote it in gold. A story is told of an old workman who, every Friday night, took the newest and shiniest coins out of his pay packet for Sunday's offering in church. (My parents encouraged me to always put a “silver” coin (6d or shilling etc) in the collection at a communion service)   Only the best is good enough for Jesus.

….....It is very significant that Luke was not satisfied with anyone else's story of Christ.. Real religion is never a second-hand thing. It is a personal discovery.  It has been said  that the four gospels were important, but beyond them all came the gospel of personal experience. Luke had to rediscover Jesus Christ for himself. There is no passage in The Bible which sheds such light on the doctrine of the inspiration of scripture. No one would deny that the Gospel of Luke is an inspired document; and yet Luke begins by affirming that it is the product of the most careful historical research. God's inspiration does not come to those who sit with folded hands and lazy mind and only wait, but to those  who think and seek and search. True inspiration comes when the seeking mind joins with the revealing Spirit of God. The word of God is given, but it is given to those  who  seek for it. "Seek and you shall find" (Matt 7:7).


…. May I recommend that,  as you prepare for Christmas, probably in a very different format this year, you reread Luke's Gospel and seek to consolidate in your heart and mind what God was doing that first Christmas and through Jesus' Life on Earth.


      The other date, 12th October is the birth day of a young woman, Maureen.  Not very well known.  Born in Ealing, of average parents, went to a grammar school, became a haematologist, married and had 4 children, all of whom are married with their own children and have made a success of their lives.  She had 14 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, was a Sunday School teacher since age 13 and a leader of a Brownie Pack for over 30 years.  Was very supportive of the Church she attended and of all the work her husband did, both in Church and The Boys' Brigade, like being the cook at the annual week's camp for often over 100 people taking part in the Camp Concert and leading Evening Services.  Her faith could be seen and witnessed in all she said and did.


…..These two persons have been instrumental in shaping and changing lives.  Luke surely must have been one of the most effective evangelists of all time.. But Maureen has also been a very effective evangelist in her way. Many will have seen Jesus for who He is, The Saviour of The World , through her work and witness.


Are you a saint ? I ask.  Will people look at you and your witness for the Lord and have been moved?  Remember that lovely Hymn “Tell out my soul”. Does your life do that?


     God Bless you and all you love and  give you His Peace during this period of the such uncertainty on earth. but with the promise of what December 25th actually means.


                                                                Rev Richard 

(Footnote: The second of my “saints” was of course Maureen – my wife)




Roger Brian LOCKYER  (Charing Heath)


Roger died on Monday 10th August 2020

aged 83. 

His funeral took place at Charing Crematorium

on Thursday 10th September 2020. 



May God enfold Roger

in his tender love and care.

Readings for October 2020





4th September             Trinity 17         Isaiah  5. 1 – 7                        Philippians 3. 4b - 14           Matt. 21. 33 – end    



11th September          Trinity 18         Isaiah  25. 1 - 9                        Philippians  4. 1 - 9              Matt.  22.  1 - 14 



18th September          Trinity 19         Isaiah 45. 1 – 7                        1 Thessalonians  1. 1 – 10    Matt.  22. 15 - 22



25th September          Last after Trinity/Bible Sunday

                                                       Leviticus 19. 1 – 2, 15 – 18      1 Thessalonians 2. 1 – 8        Matt.  22. 34 – end