As God has called us by name, so let us focus our minds and hearts as we pray to Him now.


Let us bring our cares and concerns before God, who loves us, and hear his 'Still, small voice of calm'. Make us alight with God's love and compassion a listening Church, encouraging and sensitive to differences, and attentive to the 

needs of others.

Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayer.


Lord, make this a caring world with right and just laws, and a sense of vision which reflects the best of human nature. We long for Peace and mutual respect throughout this world.

Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayer.


Thank you, Lord for the gift of this glorious summer, and the beauty of our villages and countryside. We are truly blessed.

Lockdown has shown acts of true love in our communities, supporting one another, sharing joys and sorrows; happy to put ourselves out for the good of our families, friends and neighbours. We pray for those we love and care for, and also for all those who God alone knows, loves and cares for too.

Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayer.


We look to other countries ravaged by Covid 19, like Brazil, beset with poverty and deprivation, a tragic scenario. We remember them as we pray for those all who need our prayers. Take their needs, Lord, and provide for them. May all who are sick know your

love and presence with them, giving them your hope and comfort. Let us continue to give thanks for the wonderful work of our frontline NHS staff, carers, and support workers, who give so freely of themselves to those who need them so much.

Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayer.


Lord, we remember those who have died, and those on that last journey, may they rest in that peace forever. For those grieving 

for loved ones, enfold them in your love, and let them become aware of you beside them.

Lord, in your Mercy, hear our prayer.


It is in the valleys of life that we get to drink from God's sweetest streams. It is in that period that he restores our souls.

We give you thanks, O Lord, for the loving way you provide for us, for the hope and encouragement on our journey of Faith.


Merciful father, accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen