5 April 2020

Readings, Prayers and Sermon

Rev Jack Bateson

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Praying together on Palm Sunday

Lord Jesus, who rode into Jerusalem not as a conqueror, but in humility may we herald your arrival and follow you to the Cross where your people are reborn and given life everlasting. May our hearts be filled with your justice this Easter not to seek our own interests but to love one another as you loved us, and may you turn our lives the right way up with your sacrifice, that our praises may not change to calls for crucifixion but in love and faithfulness lead us to follow you in your building of the new Jerusalem. Amen

(Prayer Request written by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury)

Morning Prayer is said daily in the Benefice at 8.30 am Monday to Friday in Holy Week. You are welcome to join. Simply click the link below and your computer or iPhone will take you there.

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Good Friday Contemplation


Dear Friends,


I will be hosting a quiet contemplative hour of prayer and reading on Good Friday at 2pm. This replaces the normal Good Friday service which we would hold in our churches, and which I have often helped Philip lead. 


I propose mainly to read Psalm 22 fairly slowly, interspersed with Gospel readings and times for quiet reflection.  If I find other materials, or if any of you have a poem or a reflection which you would like to share, that would be very good, but otherwise it will just be a possibility to mark this solemn and important day in our calendar in the most sad and serious year in living memory. 


It would be so good to have your company, but if not, then I know you will be marking the day and hour in your own way. If you would like to share this invitation with others, please do so. 


A new feature in Zoom is, that you now need to enter a password to be admitted to the meeting. Your password for this meeting is: 315414. Full details of the Zoom link, click here.


Yours in Christ,