Reopening of Church Buildings for public worship & weddings
You need to keep an even closer eye on this website so as to know where and when services
will be taking place.  As most of our clergy are over 70 and some shielding,
it may not be possible to have full services straight away.

Sunday Services for Trinity 4, 5 July 2020

needs your help

Canterbury Cathedral
is a holy place of global significance where worship and pilgrimage has been part of daily life for over 1,400 years. Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the Cathedral has lost over £2million of income due to lockdown restriction, with no income from visitors, the Shop, or the Cathedral Lodge hotel and conference centre. Even when lockdown ends, the financial pressures on the Cathedral are likely to persist for some time. Please consider donating to help secure the future of the Cathedral during the pandemic and beyond.

Prayer for this week


Faithful creator, 
whose mercy never fails:
deepen our faithfulness
to you and to your
living word,
Jesus Christ our Lord. 

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Daily Morning Prayer, benefice services, Cornerstone worship and discussions are all now available. Click on the button below for full instructions — it's not as difficult as you might think!

Celebrating our NHS
on 5 July

The National Health Service came into being on 5 July 1948, based on principles unlike anything that had gone before.

The Church of England's Liturgical Commission has produced these resources to help Churches to mark this anniversary during a time when we are even more aware of the importance of our NHS. 

Online Week of
Accompanied Prayer

The amazing Week of Accompanied Prayer Team are planning a second online retreat (19 - 25 July). The Week is for all who feel drawn to spending time in prayer. The intention is for you to listen to God through praying with scripture and in talking and reflecting with your Accompanier. If you are interested - whether or not you have done anything like this before, please get in touch with Jayne Bartholomew (01795 535654) to find out more by 6 July.